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11. Basic Math Lesson - Division of Fractions
Self-Tutorial: Reciprocal, Inverting a Fraction, Division of Improper, Proper and Complex Fractions and Mixed Numbers. Converting Complex Fractions to Simple Fractions
12. Basic Math Lesson - Subtracting Fractions
Self-Tutorial: Subtraction of Improper and Proper Fractions and also Mixed Numbers.
13. Basic Math Lesson - Equivalent Fractions
Self-Tutorial: Like Fractions, Common Denominator, Equivalent Fractions, Reduced Fraction, Lowest Terms (or Simplest Form), The Cancellation Method, The GCF Method, and Higher Form.
14. Basic Math Lesson - Converting Fractional Expressions
Self-tutorial:Step-by-Step directions on how to perform (by hand and using the calculator) most fractional conversions
15. Basic Math Lesson - Units of Measurement
A Self-Tutorial on the basic units used in measurement.
16. Basic Math Lesson - Operations On Numbers (I)
A Self-Tutorial on the typical operations done on numbers. These include: absolute value, opposites, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and simple exponents
17. Basic Math - Lesson 1 Numbers
A Self-Tutorial the classification and sets of numbers. Learn what are natural numbers, integers, rational numbers and more.
18. Beginning Algebra: Graphing

Site: Interactive Activity - Useful Graphing Tool

19. Basic Graphing
Pencast: Example on Graphing

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