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The Birth of Math Resource Centre (MRC)

Open University Malaysia (OUM) is the first open and distance learning university in Malaysia.  OUM’s vision is to be the leading provider of flexible learning.  OUM caters to its learners, a majority of whom are working adults, by practicing a blended pedagogy. This allows learners to be engaged in three modes of learning – self-managed, face-to-face, and online learning.

OUM strives to be learner-centered and there are continuous efforts to enrich the learning experiences of all its learners. One of these efforts includes providing support to our learners. OUM is already providing support in different capacities in different areas through our Centre for Student Management.  We strongly felt there was a need for providing additional support and services for learning mathematics to our OUM learners and eventually have services available to general masses. 

Many learners are having difficulty with the subject and need help outside the normal contact hours. Due to OUM being an ODL institution, it would not be practical to have a physical help centre or tutoring centre that is available to our learners at anytime of the day and evenings. We feel that our other option would be to provide help online. By providing support online, we can reach out to learners who are in need of help with math wherever and whenever they need the help. This led to the development of OUM’s Math Resource Centre (MRC).

The Math Resource Centre (MRC) is a special project undertaken by the Senior Vice President’s Office and would not be possible without the support and guidance from OUM’s Senior Vice President, Prof. Dr. Mansor Fadzil.  

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